TikTok Ban to impact small businesses and creators

U.S. TikTok Ban

In a seismic shift for the social media landscape, the TikTok ban has been set into motion, leaving small businesses and creators scrambling to adapt to the new reality. The recent passage of the bill, announced today, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing debate surrounding the platform’s influence and security concerns. As the ban […]

Choosing the Best Platforms for Digital Advertising

Best platforms for digital advertising

Are you ready to take your digital advertising to the next level? In today’s competitive landscape, choosing the right platforms can make or break your marketing strategy. But with so many options available, how do you know which ones will deliver the best results for your business? Welcome to the ultimate guide to choosing the […]

Here’s why you shouldn’t boost Facebook posts in-app

Apple charges Facebook 30% fee for boosted posts in-app

In a move that has sparked controversy and debate within the digital advertising realm, Apple has implemented a policy requiring Facebook to pay a 30% fee on boosted posts within its app. This decision has significant implications for the businesses utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform. How Boosted Facebook Posts Work Facebook’s boosted posts feature allows businesses […]

Mastering TikTok Commerce: A Guide to Selling with WooCommerce

TikTok and Woocommerce business and influencer selling guide

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become more than just avenues for connecting with friends and sharing your life’s moments. They have evolved into powerful e-commerce platforms, offering businesses new opportunities to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. TikTok, with its explosive growth and immense popularity, has emerged as a potent […]

10 Ways to Win with Your Black Friday Marketing

black friday shop small cyber monday marketing

November brings us into what is typically the busiest time of the year for many businesses! The last couple months of the year bring Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, and Cyber Monday. When the pandemic hit it also changed shopping habits and amplified online shopping, as many retailers remained closed. This trend will likely continue […]

5 Reasons Instagram Stories is Superior to Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories

1.Instagram Stories Provides Analytics¬† Instagram Stories’ analytics are important for business owners and marketers alike as it can help show you what your audience is connecting to and engaging with. To be fair, Snapchat does give you data on how many people viewed a snap as well as who viewed it; however, after 24 hours […]