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Web Design

Responsive Web Design.

Responsive websites are no longer an option for business owners, but a necessity. Changes in technology and the devices people use to view the internet mean your site must now look great across a wide range of screens and devices. Phones & tablets have now overtaken desktop as more popular devices used to browse the web. Does your site represent your business well across all devices?

All web sites created by Savage Creative Solutions are responsive web designs and tested across multiple devices and screens for maximum results. We build our web sites on the WordPress platform, which powers over 25% of the web sites in the world. It is not only easier to manage but most importantly, more secure.

Responsive Web Design
Web Site Security


All of our web sites are built with the latest, basic security measures. Our web hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and also includes 24/7 monitoring to help thwart attacks. If you would like to add an SSL certificate to your site, we offer certificates with the strongest encryption on the market. Learn more about our SSL certificates by clicking here. We’ll ensure your business has the advantage of not only being safer but also ranking above your competition!


Your site is a business solution and we look at it as such. It must meet your needs and every business has different demands. Do you run a salon that needs a booking solution that can accommodate multiple staff members and send text message reminders to you clients? We can provide you the perfect system baked right into your web site. Do you own a bar that must be able to showcase upcoming events, allow customers to buy tickets, as well as provide a drink menu that is constantly changing? Not a problem.

We take the time to learn your unique needs and provide the best solution to meet those needs. All of this is taken care of through your web site’s content management system, which means all of your information is in one place, making your life a lot easier. Just login and view your newest job applications, latest Google analytics, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can make your business’ online presence more efficient, modern, and profitable.

Web Forms and Plugins
Web Dashboard and Implementations



We offer a selection of plans and pricing for businesses of all sizes. The number of pages your site requires, any special features or software you need implemented, as well as the full scope of the project all play a factor in determining the price for your project. Our web designs start at $995, with the first half being due to begin your project and the other half due after completion, before your site goes live.


The best way to get the most accurate quote is to tell us a little bit about project with our quick, easy “Tell Us Your Idea” form.

Do you need hosting, a domain name, or an SSL certificate to accompany your site? Learn more about our other services for your website by clicking here.

We also offer branded emails that match your domain! Our varying plans mean we have one that is sure to fit you and your business. Some of our plans even offer Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices. Learn more by clicking here.

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One look at our latest web design work and we’re sure you’ll understand how we can transform your online presence like no other. Nothing can offer a higher ROI like a well-designed web site.

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