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Responsive Web Design

Your first impression online.

Our web designers not only provide aesthetically beautiful web sites for our clients, but also user-friendly, functional web sites for yours. They work with you to incorporate your goals into your site, guiding your visitors through the necessary steps to complete your objective. This means an increase in sales and revenue for you.

Savage Creative Solutions’ team works with HTML, CSS, and the WordPress platform to provide you with an online presence that looks great across all devices. We are also familiar with Shopify, Woocommerce, and other popular ecommerce solutions for online stores.

Ecommerce Solutions

Launch. Sell. Earn.

At Savage Creative Solutions, we use our personalized approach to ensure your website does exactly what you want it to do – whether that’s increasing sales or introducing a new product line. We’ll design your ecommerce solution with this goal in mind.
We can assist with importing your current products, order processing and payment solutions, setup of shipping charges, taxes, and more to create a user-friendly experience that converts visitors to customers, without any hassle on your part.

Branded Email

Look professional. Build trust.

Branded email helps make your business seem more established and adds credibility to your brand. Branded email is an email address that is based off of your domain. It might be, for instance. We have plans that fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our plans include email storage, unlimited branded email addresses, secure online storage, and some even include access to the Microsoft Office suite.

Website Hosting

Safe. Reliable. Affordable.

Hosting is what allows your site to be viewed by visitors and potential customers. To get your website online, you simply connect a domain to hosting. Easy, right? With us, it is. We take care of it all. We can even assist you in transferring your site from your current host.



Websites on our hosting are meticulously monitored 24/7 to thwart suspicious activity and deflect DDoS attacks. Our website management plan provides additional security measures.

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Which domain is right for you? We can aid you in choosing the perfect domain name as well as purchasing it. All domains you purchase are registered with your info and are free to be transferred at any time.

SSL Certificates

We can provide websites on our hosting with an SSL certificate for free. An SSL certificate secures your website. Our certificates offer the strongest encryption on the market and can boost your Google ranking.

Website Management

Always updated. Hassle-free. SEO friendly.

Our website management plans ensure your website is alway up-to-date, keeping it secure and optimized. Our websites have a 99.9% uptime and have uptime monitoring that notifies us within minutes should an issue ever arise. Routine security scans check for threats against your site and its files.

Websites are like cars. They need routine maintenance to ensure they run properly and smoothly. Let us take the stress out of maintaining your website.


WordPress Updates

Over 30,000 websites are hacked everyday. Do you want your website to become a statistic? Hackers routinely break into websites through known software vulnerabilities found in outdated themes, plugins, or the WordPress core itself. Would you leave your car unlocked with the keys in it? Doubtful. Don’t leave your website “unlocked” either; it’s too valuable.

We ensure your WordPress software, plugins, and theme are regularly updated.

Website Backups

Hackers, user error, or software incompatibilities could all bring your website down. It’s important to have a backup of your site’s latest content. Our plans offer daily, weekly, or monthly backup options that can provide you with peace of mind. Our backups are securely stored in the cloud should you ever need them.

We ensure your website is backed up and you’re protected should something occur.


Just like a car, your website needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues to run smoothly as well. We perform daily security scans, 24/7 uptime monitoring (we are notified within a minute of your site coming down), as well as routine performance optimization checks on your website. 

We have a 99% uptime on our hosting; however, should something happen we step in quickly to ensure you’re back up in no time!

“The main way to attack a WordPress site is through outdated components, like themes, plugins, WordPress core or the hosting infrastructure itself. The No.1 thing to make sure you do is to upgrade all of these things.”

– The Right Security Mindset for WordPress

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